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Advance planning cannot be stressed enough. Many potential problems could be completely avoided or lessened with appropriate planning. Vicki V. Alkire, CPHQ, LHCRM, MG, CMC, assists clients by serving in the following capacities OR by establishing a foundation for the named individual to follow. In the latter case, this laid foundation is beneficial to both the client and the person shouldering the responsibility of decision making. 

  • A Health Care Surrogate is the person appointed by a competent adult to make all healthcare decisions during any period of incapacity of the maker. The designation of a healthcare surrogate may be revoked by its maker at any time.

  • A Pre-Need Guardian is a person who an individual has selected in advance to be his or her guardian should the need arise. When a pre-need guardianship designation has been executed, the individual can be sure that his/her wishes will be honored by the legal system as much as possible.

  • A Durable Power-of-Attorney is a special document provided by Florida law that allows a person to act on behalf of another even if the latter becomes incapacitated.

  • A Trustee is a person or institution that has a fiduciary responsibility to manage the property of another individual.

  • A Personal Representative, in some states called an Executor, is a person named in a Last Will and Testament to administer the estate of the deceased.

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Viable Alternatives, Inc in Sarasota, Florida, FL provides Geriatric care managers who provide monitoring and assessments for Senior health and home care monitoring, and elder care management services. Viable Alternatives also provides guardianship services in Sarasota, Florida, FL