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Member National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers 

A geriatric and/or adult care manager assists aging or disabled individuals and their families with short-term or long-term care arrangements. A care manager will meet with the family during the initial consultation to assess current and future needs. Based on the findings, a care plan will be designed to meet the individual's identified needs. The care manager will implement and supervise the personal care plan.

The following activities are some of the initial and ongoing responsibilities of the care manager:

  • Continual monitoring and assessment of needs

  • Adjusting care plan as appropriate

  • Visits scheduled on an as-needed basis

  • Coordinating medical and other designated appointments

  • Attendance at physician appointments

  • Participation at facility care planning meetings

  • Preparation of various correspondence and reports

  • Communication with family, friends, and service providers as designated by mutual agreement between the Client and Viable Alternatives, Inc.

Care Managers can assist the client with bill-paying services in a manner agreed to by the Client and Viable Alternatives, Inc. The following services are available as needed:

  • Organize client bills and records

  • Prepare checks for client's signature

  • Prepare computerized check register for accuracy

  • Reconcile bank statement with computerized check register report

  • Assist with medical claims filing

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Viable Alternatives, Inc in Sarasota, Florida, FL provides Geriatric care managers who provide monitoring and assessments for Senior health and home care monitoring, and elder care management services. Viable Alternatives also provides guardianship services in Sarasota, Florida, FL